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Bookings for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that allows businesses to offer appointment bookings, reservations, and rental services directly through their WooCommerce-powered online store. Below are the key features of the Bookings for WooCommerce plugin:

  1. Appointment Booking System
  2. Reservation Management
  3. Rental Services Integration
  4. Booking Calendar Display
  5. Time Slot Selection
  6. Date Picker Functionality
  7. Customizable Booking Forms
  8. Booking Confirmation Emails
  9. Multi-language Support
  10. Flexible Booking Rules
  11. Pricing Options
  12. Resource Management
  13. Staff Assignments
  14. Availability Management
  15. Seasonal Pricing
  16. Booking Duration Control
  17. Customer Notifications
  18. Payment Gateway Integration
  19. Deposit Payments
  20. Cancellation Policies
  21. Booking Modifications
  22. Guest Booking Options
  23. Customer Account Integration
  24. Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  25. Regular Updates and Support
  26. Documentation and Tutorials
  27. Compatibility with WooCommerce Themes and Plugins
  28. Responsive Design
  29. Translation Ready
  30. User-friendly Interface

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Bookings-for-WooCommerceBookings for WooCommerce at $1 only
Original price was: $4.Current price is: $1.
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